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Our Work Speaks For Itself
Called Friday for swamp cooler. Jeff showed up 90 minutes later. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Problem fixed in 15 minutes. Jeff also gave us some direction for the future.
Absolutely recommend their service.
Honest and reliable.
-Robert M.
Lancaster, CA
This review should be TEN stars. I just met an HVAC angel this week. His name is Matt. If you have an HVAC issue, call MJ Mechanical. (Matt has a whole team of angels, actually!)

So I needed a second opinion on a busted furnace/AC after I was quoted around 5K to replace one. Any homeowner would get a second opinion, right?

I called MJ Mechanical and Matt dropped everything to give me a ton of information, checked out my house, said there was only one thing wrong with the furnace, that it could be fixed the next day for a tiny fraction of replacement cost. Wow. I even got text messaged throughout the process... just incredible service and attention. They even sent me pictures! Matt and Felix were super awesome.

I've dealt with a fair number of contractors, be it roofers, painters, even HVAC people, but Matt completely raised the bar forever. My experience with Matt restored my confidence in human kind. Matt is incredibly honest and runs the most honest business ever. If you work with Matt and MJ Mechanical, your heat/AC will be working again in no time and it will even make you want to become a better person yourself. THANK YOU, MJ MECHANICAL!
-Carrie T.
Tustin, CA
I called MJ and Matt picked up the phone. I felt that my air conditioning unit has not been working well with one side of the house hotter than the other side and some vents not producing that much air. Matt said he can be here in one hour and within one hour he was here! Although not much can be done, Matt did find that one of my duct was kinked and unkinked it. This helped the air flow quite a bit. He also educated me on keeping my air conditioning unit on all the time at a set temperature to help save electricity and not only turn it on when it gets intolerably hot which is what I do. I also told him that one company told me that my condenser doesn't work because of a brief high squeaky sound intermittently. Matt says that the condenser may have a little problem but it's still working since the house gets cooled. Unfortunately, for him to diagnose the problem the noise has to be present when he's here. I guess I won't worry about it until it obviously goes bad.
-c C.
Los Angeles, CA
My house was roughly 54 degrees inside been running portable heaters, running up electric bill.
Called MJ.
They sent Jeff out.
1.2.3. Asset the situation told me how much it was going to be fixed it and was outta here !
House warm and im happy.
Happy New Year.
Call MJ for a no nonsense deal !
-Alex R.
Lancaster, CA
Around 11am today, we decided we needed to have our A/C checked out. No problems with it, just wanted to make sure it was running efficiently for the coming AV summer heat. I checked out Yelp and decided to call MJ. I got a very reasonable quote on a check-up(fee to be credited toward any repairs needed), and within an hour, Jeff was here!
He was VERY nice and fast! He explained everything so that we could understand it, and said that our unit was running as well as could be expected for its age. He told us some potential problems spots to keep an eye on, and when asked, he gave us the pros and cons of a new unit, but said his motto was "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"-which we tend to agree with. He showed us how to give the unit a good 'hose wash' and also said it was a myth that closing vents in unused rooms saved energy-lesson learned!
As with any specialty professional(mechanics, doctors, IT, etc), Jeff could have totally fleeced us if he wanted. He could have told us our unit was not long for this world and given us the hard sell for a new one. Instead, he gave us advice on how to keep it going as long as possible. As others have mentioned, this company's honesty is (sadly) very refreshing! It felt more like a knowledgeable friend or neighbor coming over to help us out, rather than a for-profit company. And I mean that in the best possible way. (If you can't tell, we've been burned by service-salesmen who see every question you ask as a selling opportunity.)
I will definitely call MJ again if I have any hvac needs.
- Rogue X.
Los Angeles, CA
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